Congratulations on your pregnancy!

With the remarkable journey that you’re going through, it is important to ensure that you provide a good foundation for your ever-growing little one with specialised nutrition right from the start.

The brand new PROMAMA® is a formulated milk designed to support women during pregnancy and lactation to meet their extra nutritional needs. PROMAMA® contains important nutrients such as DHA (66.3mg/100g), Choline, Calcium, Vitamin D, Prebiotic (Oligofructose) and Zinc. It also contains Folic Acid and Iron which are essential during these critical stages. Now with A2 β-Casein Milk which comes from cows specifically selected and Sphingomyelin which is a type of phospholipid derived from Whey Protein. It is now  NO ADDED SUCROSE and 84% LOWER IN FAT*

*Lower fat content (4.2g/100g) compared to instant full cream milk powder (26.6g/100g). Based on Nutrient Composition of Malaysian Foods 1997




Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information