S-26 Growing Up Milk, Malaysia


Maternal nutrition is crucial to give you and your child with specialised nutrition during pregnancy and lactation to meet your extra nutritional needs. PROMAMA is the first Prenatal Formula made with A2 Milk Protein, that is gentle on tummies.


S-26 Growing Up Milk

Uniquely crafted by our team of scientists and nutritionists, the range of S-26 Growing Up Milk are meant to support your child's learning and overall growth & development.

S-26 PROGRESS and S-26 PROMISE are specifically formulated with Nutrissentials to establish a strong foundation for learning.

s-26 GOLD PROGRESS and S-26 GOLD PROMISE are our most advance formulated milk powder with NUTRILEARN SYSTEM, with key nutrients such as Sphingomyelin and DHA to support brain connection by 10X faster.


Catch-Up Growth

Combining both build and learn aspects of a child, providing the blend of nutrition that is able to support your little ones' holistic growth. ASCENDA is a Catch-Up Growth Milk Formula to support increase of Height & Weight.


Adult Nutrition

A complete and balanced adult nutrition aids to build and repair elders' muscle tissues, recovering strength and energy effectively. ENERCAL PLUS is specially formulated with High Quality Protein Blend and enriched with Prebiotic FOS to support digestion.