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Terms and Conditions

S-MAMA Club Points Accumulations

  1. Proof-of-purchase which comprises of product label from the box, or aluminum foil from the can with original purchase receipt are accepted, and they can be obtained from  S-26® MAMAS-26 GOLD® PROGRESS®S-26 GOLD® PROMISE®, S-26® PROGRESS®S-26® PROMISE® and S-26® PE Gold® milk products.

  2. A pre-determined amount of S-MAMA Club Points are awarded based on the pack size of each S-26® MAMAS-26 GOLD® PROGRESS®S-26 GOLD® PROMISE®, S-26® PROGRESS®S-26® PROMISE® and S-26® PE Gold® package

  3. Points awarded are based on the receipt of correct corresponding proof-of-purchase by Wyeth Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (company number 257428-D). Wyeth Nutrition reserves the right, at its absolute discretion to make necessary adjustments with or without notice to the points credited for whatever reason which Wyeth Nutrition Malaysia deems appropriate.

  4. An account will be opened for each new member, and all qualifying proof-of-purchase corresponding points will be credited to that account.

  5. Points earned cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash in part or in full.

  6. Collection of proof-of-purchase needs to be posted to Wyeth Nutrition at the address indicated. However, proof of postage is not proof of receipt.

  7. Wyeth Nutrition may from time to time forward the points summary to review points balance, points recorded and deducted during the period. However, Wyeth Nutrition reserves the right to withhold sending the points summary if there are abnormal transactions detected.

Rewards Programme

  1. Wyeth Nutrition by itself or together with other participating companies may from time to time offer exclusive promotions for members but also reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice.

  2. Wyeth Nutrition reserves the right to cancel, change and/or substitute any reward or gift for those of equal value without prior notice. Rewards are subject to availability. Wyeth Nutrition does not make any warranty or representation on any product or service offered as rewards and does not accept any liability in respect of any reward.

  3. Rewards and gifts are not exchangeable for cash in part or in full.

  4. Redemption orders once accepted by Wyeth Nutrition cannot be revoked, cancelled, exchanged or returned.

  5. Delivery of redeemed gifts will be made against written acknowledgement of the occupant of the address stated in the application form.

  6. Delivery will take place between 4-6 weeks upon Wyeth Nutrition receiving your redemption form. A confirmation SMS will be sent to notify you of your receipt. Please contact us immediately if you did not receive your redeemed item(s) on the 6th week after our SMS notification. Delay in doing so may result in untraceable delivery information and item(s) will be deemed to have been received.
  7. All redeemed gifts are in good condition before delivery to the redeeming party. Wyeth Nutrition shall not be obliged to recognize or replace any defective, lost, damaged or stolen redeemed gift in the course of delivery where such defect, loss, damage or theft is due to the negligence or fault of the redeeming party.

  8. Wyeth Nutrition shall not be liable for any delay by or failure of a participating company to notify Wyeth Nutrition Malaysia of the details of a transaction.

  9. Certain awards in the form of cash vouchers are valid for use only at the participating company stated in this catalogue. These vouchers are valid for use until the date specified and subject to terms and conditions stated therein. If they are unused after this date, the reward will lapse and will not be replaced. There will be no refund of the unused portion of the value of the vouchers, transfer or exchange for cash.

  10. All product names, company names, marks, logos, and symbols or trademarks however appearing on the redeemed gifts and redemption catalogues are intellectual property belonging to their respective owners and Wyeth Nutrition does not hold-out that it is related, associated or that it has any commercial dealings with the said owners nor their licensees other than for the purpose of this rewards programme.

  11. Photocopies and printouts of the redemption form are accepted.

  12. Wyeth Nutrition may amend and alter these terms and conditions as it deems fit at its absolute discretion and without prior notice.

  13. In the event where there is a discrepancy between the English and Mandarin versions of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

  14. The items in this redemption catalogue will no longer be valid after 31 July 2018. 

  15. S-MAMA Club redemption program is eligible for Malaysian only.

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