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Nutrition during pregnancy has a significant impact on physical and mental development 1


The period between the third trimester to two years of age is vital for brain development 7


Nutrition plays an important role in the critical developmental stage of the brain and consequently in the function and maintenance of the brain. 8, 9

Therefore, it is important to know that Choline, helps to support your child’s cognitive development and other key nutrients such as Choline, DHA, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Iron and Iodine helps support your child’s cognitive development 6, 10-13.

Is Constipation common during pregnancy?

Constipation is common during pregnancy, occuring in 11-38% OF PREGNANT WOMAN 16 and EVEN IN LACTATING WOMEN 17,18


In order to support optimal maternal health and foetal development, it is essential for pregnant mothers to have a gastrointestinal system that is capable of digesting nutrients in an optimal intestinal environment

• OLIGOFRUCTOSE is a soluble dietary fiber that has been shown to increase the BENEFICIAL BIFIDOBACTERIA in the gut flora 14

• Studies have shown that fiber supplements INCREASED STOOL FREQUENCY and IMPROVED STOOL CONSISTENCY 5,14,15



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