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Feeling your child moves

What to expect throughout your pregnancy

16-20 weeks

  • Women who have already had a child tend to feel their child's first movements at around 16-18 weeks
  • First-time mums are more likely to feel movements at around 18-20 weeks because they don't recognize the sensation at first
  • Women describe the feeling as being like fluttering wings or air bubbles moving around in your tummy

20-26 weeks

  • Your child's movements will become stronger and you will start to feel punches, kicks and somersaults
  • You will gradually become used to your child's movements and their particular pattern
  • You may notice rhythmic twitches now and again when your child has a fit of hiccups
  • Your child may jump when they hear a sudden loud noise
  • Some are more active than others and all go through quiet and active periods

27-40 weeks

  • Your child's movements will peak between weeks 26 and 32
  • You may feel large roll-over movements that take your breath away for a moment
  • As your child becomes more cramped in your womb, their movements will feel slower
  • As your due date approaches, your child will most probably settle into a head-down position and you may feel uncomfortable kicks to your ribs.

When to call the hospital

  • If you notice any change in your child's pattern of movements call your  doctor
  • You know your child best so always be guided by your instincts

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