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What is Multiple Intelligence?

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Intelligence is the ability to respond successfully to new situations and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences. A new model of intelligence known as the Theory of Multiple Intelligence was developed by American Developmental psychologist Professor Howard Gardner. The theory suggests that there are other intelligences worthy of being taken seriously and each child possess all the intelligences
A combination of encouragement, enrichment and good instruction can enhance their strongest intelligences, as well as develop their moderate and underdeveloped intelligences. S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS® and S-26 GOLD® PROMISE® are specially designed with BIOFACTORS SYSTEM™ that contains important nutrients. It is formulated with higher* DHA, Choline and Lutein  to better support your child in multiple areas of development.

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There are 3 types of Multiple intelligence:

Brain Smart can refer to logical-mathematical or verbal-linguistic intelligences. In a way, this is the more traditional concept of intelligence that most Asian parents value today in their children.

Verbal-Linguistic Brain Smart
This intelligence covers a continuum with speaking strengths on one end and writing strengths on the other. Those who excel in this intelligence can excel on one or both ends of the continuum.

  • Verbal linguistic children love words
  • Words are their primary way of thinking and solving problems
  • They use words to persuade, argue, entertain, or teach
  • Preferred Careers: Teachers, principals, storytellers, TV talk show hosts, journalists, newspaper editors, writers, poets, authors

Logical-Mathematical Brain Smart

  • This intelligence covers a continuum with mathematics on one end, science and research on the other.
  • Logical-mathematical children love numbers
  • They can easily interpret data and analyse abstract patterns
  • They have a well-developed ability to reason and think in terms of causes and effect

Body Smart is the ability to control one’s body movements with expertise (Bodily-Kinesthetic) or the capacity to handle objects skilfully (Spatial). Children who are Body Smart are adapt with using their gross and fine motor skills.

Spatial Body Smart
An intelligence that encompasses eye-hand skills. Spatial people are capable of thinking and processing information in pictures and images, and can replicate it in paint, sculpture, architectural blueprints, and buildings.

  • They tend to have excellent fine motor skills
  • Children who are Spatial Body Smart use their eyes and hands to create wonderful things
  • Capable of building with Legos, reading maps, and put together large jigsaw puzzles
  • Preferred Careers: Architects, artists, sculptors, interior decorators, book illustrators, art teachers, cartoonists, designers, clothes designer, mechanics

Bodily-Kinesthetic Body Smart

  • This intelligence includes a wide spectrum of physical abilities, such as dancing, swimming, acting, gymnastics, and martial arts. Athletes and sportspeople usually fall under this category.
  • Highly aware of the world through touch and movement
  • There is a special harmony between their body and mind
  • They can control their body with grace and expertise, and they are aware of their gut feelings

People Smart is the ability to connect with others and make fine distinctions in the intentions, motivations, moods, feelings and thoughts of other people.

Interpersonal People Smart

  • This intelligence refers to the child’s ability to interact and relate effectively with other people. They are effective leaders, communicators, and mediators.
  • Strong ability to get along with others
  • Good leaders with lots of friends
  • They use their insights about others to negotiate, persuade, and obtain information

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