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‘GOLD Bonanza’ Redemption Program Terms & Conditions

  1. The Gold Bonanza Redemption Program (“Program”) is organized by Wyeth Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Co.No.257428-D) (“the Organiser”) and is open to all residents of Peninsula Malaysia [each a “Participant” and collectively, the “Participants”].
  2. The following are not eligible to participate in the Program:
    1. employees of the Organiser [including its affiliated and related companies) and their immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings (and their spouses)]; and/or
    2. representatives, employees, servants and/or agents of advertising and/or promotion service providers of the Organiser [including their affliated and related companies], and their immediate family members [spouse, children, parents, siblings (and their spouses)].
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to exclude and/or disqualify Participants who do not fall within the category of Participants and/or who are in breach of the Program Rules and Regulations.
  4. The Program will run from 25 July 2016 to 31 October 2016 [“the Program Period”].

Qualifying Criteria and Submission of Form

  1. Participant must purchase the following selected products (or a combination of) in any pack size during the Program Period and redeem the items indicated in the form: i) S-26® MAMA® ii) S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS®,iii) S-26 GOLD® PROMISE® or iv) S-26® PE GOLD® products; and submit the completed form together with the original receipt(s) as proof of purchase. Participants may submit a combination of original receipts from participating outlets.
  2. The form must be received by the Organiser by 15 November 2016. Any form received after 15 November 2016 shall be disqualified.
  3. Photocopies and/or printouts of the form are accepted. However, only original receipts are accepted.
  4. The redemption items shall be delivered to the address as indicated in the submitted form between 4-6 weeks from receipt of the submitted form. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.

Liablility and Responsibility

  1. The use of the redemption items provided by third parties shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the third party. The Organiser assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the redemption items provided by the third parties. The Organizer further does not accept any responsibility for the act or omission of the third party.
  2. Participants and/or their heirs shall assume full liability and responsibility in case of any liability, mishap, injury, damage, claim or accidents [including death] resulting from their participation in the Program, redemption and/or utilisation of the redemption items and agree to release and hold the Organiser free and harmless of any liability.
  3. Except for the postage fee of the redemption items to the Participants, all transportation, accommodation, personal costs and/or any other costs, fees and/or related expenses that are incurred to participate in the Program should be borne by the participants.

Rights of the Organiser

  1. The Organiser shall reserve the right at its absolute discretion to substitute any of the redemption items with that of similar value, at any time without prior notice. The redemption items are non-transferable and all redemption items are given on an “as is” basis and are not exchangeable for cash, credit and other items or voucher in part or in full.
  2. The Organiser disclaims any warranties or liabilities for the merchantability and fitness of the redemption items under this Program. The warranties applicable for the redemption items are subject to the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the redemption items.
  3. By participating, all Participants agree and acknowledge that all intellectual property rights thereto shall belong to the Organiser and each Participant consents to the collection, use, processing and/or disclosure by the Organiser any and all of the Participant’s personal information including without limitation the Participant’s name, photograph or image for purposes of the Program, including advertising, publicity, marketing and promotional activities conducted in such manner as the Organiser sees fit, in any media and without additional compensation, notification or permission, and any other activities that are ancillary to the Program. Participants shall not be entitled to claim ownership and/or other forms of compensation on the materials.

Data Protection

  1. By participating in the Program, the Participant consents for the Organiser to process the Participant’s personal data provided in the entry form for purposes of the Program including without limitation to use on the Fan Page and the Website.
  2. By participating in the Program, the Participant consents for the Organiser to process the Participant’s personal data provided in the entry form for purposes of the Program including without limitation to use on the Fan Page and the Website
  3. The Organiser may also use your personal data for purposes of sending to you marketing, advertising and promotional information, materials and/or documents about the Organiser’s products and/or services and any promotions, events, Programs organised by the Organiser, unless you indicate otherwise on this form.
  4. Please note the Organiser requires the Participant’s personal data in order to process the Participant’s participation in the Program, without which the Organiser will not be able to process the Participant’s application.
  5. At times the Organiser may retain third parties to process the Participant’s personal details. All such third parties are contractually obliged not to use the Participant’s personal data in any way other than that which is specified herein.
  6. Under the Malaysian law, the Participant’s rights include:
    1. the right to withdraw their consent to the use of their personal detail at any time by contacting the Organiser at https://www.nestle.com.my/contactus and providing the Organiser with the Participant’s name and email address so that the Organiser may remove it.
    2. the right to obtain a copy of the personal data which the Organiser holds about the Participant [the Organiser reserves the right to charge a small fee for the exercise of this right].
    3. the right to have incorrect personal data that the Organiser holds about the Participant corrected.
  7. If a Participant wishes to raise any data protection issue with the Organiser, or exercise any of his/her legal rights, please contact the Organiser at https://www.nestle.com.my/contactus.
  8. The Organiser takes reasonable precautions to keep the Participant’s personal data secure, and require third party data processors to do the same. Please note, however, that the Organiser may release the Participant’s personal data if required to do so by law, or by search warrant, subpoena or court order.
  9. To view the complete Privacy Notice, you may visit http://nestle.com.my/info/privacy_policy/privacy_bm (for the Bahasa Malaysia version) and http://nestle.com.my/info/privacy_policy (for the English version).

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Pictures of the redemption items shown on the Program entry form are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual item.
  2. The Program Rules and Regulations are prepared in several languages. In the event of inconsistencies between any versions of the Program Rules and Regulations, the English version shown on the Organiser’s website shall prevail.
  3. The Program Rules and Regulations and the Program mechanics, may be amended from time to time to ensure the smooth running of the Program and shall prevail over any provisions or representations contained in any other promotional material or advertising of the Program. Participants are highly advised to visit the Organisers’ website from time to time to ensure that the Participants are aware of any updates and changes made.
  4. By participating in the Program, Participants agree to be bound by the Program Rules and Regulations, and the decisions of the Organiser.

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