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Early childhood is the most rapid period of mental and physicial development in a child’s life. Inadequate nutrition during this time can interfere with growth and may impact learning.1
Why are DHA/AA important?
DHA & AA are found in the brain & eye.2 The European Food Safety Authority recognizes that DHA contributes to brain development in children.3 However, data has shown that intake of DHA among children is low.4
Why is Lutein important?
Good vision is important for learning.5 Display screens of computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices emit significant amount of blue light. Blue light can cause lesions in the eye.6

Lutein may act in the eye as:7
Our bodies cannot synthesise lutein and we need to obtain it from our diets. Vegetables are the main source of dietary lutein.6

How much screen time does your child have in a day?

Screen time in Malaysian 2-year-olds Adapted from Suria J, Amar Singh HSS, et al, CRC MOH 2016 18
Why are Iron and Zinc important?
Leading cause of micronutrient deficiency
Plays an important rolein the body
Detrimental impact of deficiency
2nd cause of micronutrient deficiency9
Iron is a component of haemoglobin in red blood cells which carry oxigen to all part of the body10
Anaemia, impaired motor and cognitive development, low energy
3rd leading cause of micronutrient deficiency9
Zinc is essential for growth11
Weakened immune system, more frequent infections, stunting
Why are Vitamin d and
calcium important?
Insufficient vitamin D and calcium impact bone formation and growth.12 1 in 2 Malaysian children do not consume sufficient vitamin D and calcium. The low calcium and vitamin D intake among Malaysian children may be related to a reduction in milk consumption.13
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