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Know your maternity leave entitlements.

Do you know your maternity entitlements? This article touches on the basics of maternity leave and the finer details of whether you need to tell your employer that you are pregnant.

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You can return to work no earlier than two weeks after the birth

Maternity entitlements

What is a female employee's entitlement?

Maternity leave

  • Your maternity leave starts from your delivery date
  • You can return to work no earlier than two weeks after the birth
  • If  you work for private sector your maternity leave should be a minimum of 60 days and 90 days if you  work for Federal government and certain states in Malaysia

When to tell your boss

  • There is no legal provision in the Employment Act 1955 that you should tell your employer that you are pregnant but your employment contract may require you to inform them. Talk to your HR department if you are unsure .
  • You may find it better to tell them as soon as possible, so they know you have a good reason to attend medical appointments (you may be entitled to paid time off for antenatal appointments)

Paternity leave

  • Your spouse may be entitled to paid paternity leave (check with your spouse's employer)


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