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Being a parent means being there for all their needs, even their nutritional and supplemental ones. Your child's health is reassured and is the main priority for us. That's why we at parenTeam are part of your team to help support you as you raise happy and healthy children.

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Your little ones go through a lot of growth and development at this age. The combination of right nutrition throughout early childhood is critical for ensuring children's optimal growth, learning and development.

That is why our team of scientists and nutritionists have expertly crafted a range of Growing Up Milk so you can find the right product for your little ones, granting them the ability to grow strongly and happily.


Adult Nutrition

As we age, we need to be more mindful of different ways to keep our strength. The key is to be conscious of the need to preserve muscle mass, as well as eating the proper type of protein in the right amount to meet your daily nutritional needs.

To meet that need, our experts have developed an all-round nutritional supplement drink that will provide your daily nutritional needs in one serving.